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Hi i'm Genesis and I never know what to write here. I believe that they way Harry and Louis look at each other could bring world peace.

Midnight Memories - vinyl (x)

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Midnight Memories Vinyl

Midnight Memories Vinyl

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the most important lyric from the most important song.

What does it mean? What DOESN’T it mean? Don’t burn out, even if you scream and shout, It’ll come back to you, And I’ll be here for you. 

How much of this was written about Louis’ experiences? How much about the experiences of people he loves? How important is it to him that you can witness and support sadness without demanding a resolution?

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@kreptplaydirty: We Just Chilling cc @zaynmalik #StudioVibes

@kreptplaydirty: We Just Chilling cc @zaynmalik #StudioVibes

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