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Hi i'm Genesis and I never know what to write here. I believe that they way Harry and Louis look at each other could bring world peace.


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you better shape up cause i need a man 


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niallhoran: Great to meet @neymarjr last night! Super nice and humble guy!
neymarjr: honor to meet you … I’m a fan and admire the whole group!

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that was so cute when louis and harry spent ten minutes playing with glue before that signing and accidentally got some on their jeans that’s so silly and cute

meanwhile this happened x



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dominicjonesjewellery: #tbt a pic Harry took at my London fashion week party @harrystyles @chelsealeyland

dominicjonesjewellery: #tbt a pic Harry took at my London fashion week party @harrystyles @chelsealeyland

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some favorite clothes of harry

uncolored version here

prints and stuffs are available on my soc6 :)

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"The problem is, with a lot of girl bands, is they’re constantly trying to outdo other women. You don’t represent that. You stand up for girls across the UK. You are the girl group to represent ladies in this country."

- Tulisa Contostavlos, Week 1 of the X Factor Live Shows

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when is zayn going to post another killer selfie

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every time i see zayn 


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The boys for their Official Poster Collection book

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